Rarely if ever the path where we end up is flawless.

My road until here was sum of coincidences, opportunities and choices multiplied by my actions. Something like that with ups and downs of life, winning and learning, quitting and starting, pain and joy, happier and moodier times were all part of it.

But no matter how I’ve felt or what has happened, every time I put my passion and some alternative lifestyle on scale, deep inside I know, what kind of path I want and need to keep paving.

Finding My Passion

I wasn’t a natural born brawler or bully but I think I’ve always had flair for fighting. I just didn’t like some aspects of it. I felt fighting was primal and somehow brutal and aggressive way to express oneself. That was the image I had.

Then one day I discovered how to unleash all the brutality, aggression and discomforting image I had in a most gentle and different way. I discovered the “gentle” art of Brazilian JiuJitsu. It renewed me and how I looked fighting. This new view came with whole new perspective to live my life and reform it to my favor.

Next Step

Soon after my new passion sparked and flamed up to last I began to chase a lifestyle that could fully support my Brazilian JiuJitsu training. I started to call this project “passion funding”. I wanted to live and breath JiuJitsu, day in day out. Sounds obsessive but I think it’s natural step after you fall deeply and maybe irreversibly in love with a passion you want to take to the highest level.

For the past years I’ve been trying to crack the code that would enable me to focus and progress indefinitely in JiuJitsu and live the kind of life I really want and not just be presenting pretty poster pictures. In other words, I’m committed to building a complete and as real lifestyle as possible around my passion.

That’s why I’m here writing this very post. Urge to succeed, attempt to work harder, better, smarter and live more passionately brought me here and also marks core values of mine. I’m also quite addicted to success, honesty, happiness and knowledge.


I want to thank everybody who I’ve had chance to learn from in this journey of life. All the experiences, persons I’ve ever encountered and passed enough time to collect and save a memory, to learn a lesson, to share a friendship, a companionship whether business or not, thank you.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love everybody, I’m a loner introvert and I really mostly love and appreciate my alone time so I can be pretty selfish in this regard. Anyway, I’ve picked my lessons and learned to better avoid toxic people. I rather spend this most valuable asset of time with myself and people who I share values with. Yes, I’m learning the ropes to network better and maintain relationships.

Special thanks to my family for understanding me and for support, from friends and teachers too, without forgetting all the great minds, humble spirits, good leaders, strong individuals and everyday warriors.. you motivate and push me forward and I hope to give the same and more back in return.


Mikko A.